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About Us

Swiss Center Samara (SCS) is a for-profit companies established in Neuchâtel and active in Samara in order to form a bridge of cooperation between Switzerland and Russia.

With the support of the Canton of Neuchâtel and Samara Region, SCS offers concrete, pragmatic and competitive services to Swiss Small and Medium Enterprises willing to develop their activities in this exceptional market that is Russia. Concretely: boost their export, find new sourcing partners, launch assembling activities, set up production facilities, build joint ventures and distribution networks, develop new products and applications with renowned Russian scientific institutions… The potential is considerable!

Management & Values

Decidedly oriented towards results, SCS is committed to sorting out serious, competent, transparent and reliable partners from others. A special importance is given to reducing bureaucracy, finding financial solutions, setting up efficient commercial deals and implementing profitable projects in a timely manner.

In order to do so, SCS can rely on a Swiss director established in Samara since 2015 and a wide network of partners in both countries. We believe that this configuration is not only a key to bringing down cultural and linguistic barriers, it also ensures higher quality standards, transparency and market proximity.


The mission of Swiss Center Samara is to foster commercial, industrial, scientific and academic relationships by providing tailor-made services and business solutions to Swiss SMEs and scientific organizations willing to expand their activities in Russia and develop joint projects with Russian counterparts.

Thanks to the partnership agreement signed between the Canton of Neuchâtel and the Region of Samara in 2015, SCS enjoys access to effective administrative resources, preferential and secured business conditions as well as influential networks for the benefit of Swiss SMEs.

All fields and projects are of interest, yet certain areas currently offer bigger potential to Swiss SMEs due to the economy of the Volga Region. These are mainly but not only: aerospace, automotive, machine-tool and instrument for metal-processing, medical devices, petrochemicals, IT and agro-industry.