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A brand new Business Center in Samara for all Swiss SMEs

There has been much change and agitation since the beginning of April on Novo-Sadovaya Street, in Samara City Center and there is a reason to this: by the end of this summer, a brand new Business Center will open its doors to all Swiss companies and organizations willing to develop their activities in Russia.

Based on the same principle as its Chinese equivalent, Swiss Center Samara will be able to provide fully equipped space combined to reception services and administrative trouble-shooting to Swiss organizations willing to develop/strengthen their activities on the Russian market. Under its legal entity, Swiss Center Samara will offer to hire local staff, manage their salary and follow-up their progression and KPI’s on behalf of Swiss organizations.

Well-proven in other countries, this system reduces considerably market entry time, risks and costs for Swiss businesses. Instead of creating its own legal entity, which can be tricky and expensive, Swiss businesses can prospect the market, obtain first results and progressively expand their activities accordingly through a reliable partner on the field. 

Located in the second largest street of Samara City, the Business Center will not go unnoticed: official meetings, visits of Swiss delegations and press conferences will be held regularly and, by the end of the year, a showroom will offer a unique exhibition space to Swiss products and technologies. 

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