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Swiss-Russian Conference on IP by P&TS

On Friday the 15th of September 2017 Mr. Christophe Saam, the European Patent Attorney, Technical Judge at the Swiss Federal Patent Court and a Founder and CEO of P&TS, a Swiss patent law firm based in Neuchatel and Zurich visited Swiss Center Samara. Mr. Saam gave a fresh overview on the issue that has never been so current before – the issue of the Intellectual Property Rights.

Given the entrepreneurial audience of the conference, Mr. Saam was warmly welcomed and closely listened to. He discussed the financing of start-ups that patent their intellectual property being three times higher than those who don’t. The conference had continued in a form of a enthusiastic conversation with Mr. Christophe Saam and around 60 guests of the conference, including Swiss Center Samara personnel, the entrepreneurs and guests of Yellow Rockets.

More information and the contact of Mr. Christophe Saam you can find on their corporate website via clicking on this link - http://www.patentattorneys.ch/en/

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