Conference « Doing Business with Russia »

Conference « Doing Business with Russia »

Russian Market Entry: shift from export to local production. Is “Russian made” realistic for Swiss SME?

October 6, 2017 - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Participation Fees

CHF 125. – for the seminar, documentation and coffee breaks
CHF 100. – for members of JCC
CHF 50. – for students
Free for members of Swiss Center Samara

Event location

Neuchâtel Business school Arc, Campus Arc I
Espace de l’Europe 21, 2000 Neuchâtel (CH)


After two years of economic crisis, the Russian economy is back to growth and Russia is expected to become the 7th largest market in the world by 2030.

This being said, many changes have had a profound impact in terms of market access for Swiss SME. Since 2014, the Russian government has been actively stimulating its industry by setting strong incentives for local production/assembling activities (import substitution program among other things) while progressively implementing protectionist measures against foreign companies.

This trend is likely to continue and Swiss SMEs are faced with a tough choice: either localize part of their activities or lose the market to their competitors. In this context, is it realistic for a Swiss manufacturing SME to shift from export to local production?

An experienced panel of experts will answer this question based on a pragmatic structure: from a global economic and industrial perspective of Russia down to concrete case-studies of Swiss companies successfully operating in this market.

Target audience
  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Entrepreneurs and investors oriented towards industrial activities and innovative technologies;
  • Consulting companies.

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