Exporters Support & Foreign Economic Development for Samara Businesses

Exporters Support & Foreign Economic Development for Samara Businesses

What are the steps and tools for a successful internationalization?

April 24, 2018 - Samara, Russia

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Office Finam, Molodogvardeyskaya Street 172

Samara City, Russian Federation



The Club of Directors of the Samara Region invites to the Open Meeting of the Investment Committee “Exporters support and foreign economic development for Samara Region”.

Thanks to recent changes in the economy, Russian enterprises have raised their competitiveness and acquired significant export potential. The Investment Committee’s program includes three blocks of topical issues of regional business:


1.Real measures to support exports and programs of the Russian Export Center
Non-raw export is a strategic direction for the country, one of the tools for building a strong and sustainable economy. The backbone of the national system of export support and development should be the REC, which provides Russian exporters with financial and non-financial support measures.


2.Internationalization of Samara business: real opportunities
The internationalization of products and solutions is seen as an additional competitive advantage – a growth point through access to new competencies and networks, an excellent opportunity for diversified business development.


3.Marketing in foreign markets
Practical aspects of international marketing. Analysis of foreign markets. How to do without expenses.

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