Internationalization of Samara’s Business

Internationalization of Samara's Business

How to develop export capacities, find commercial partners and conquer international markets ?

August 17, 2017 - Samara City, Russia


Participation Costs

Free of charge

Event location

Office Finam, Molodogvardeyskaya Street 172

Samara City, Russian Federation


Swiss Center Samara, together with the Club of Directors of Samara Region, invites you to take part to the open session of the investment committee of the Club of Directors, which will discuss the following topic : « Internationalization of Samara businesses ».

Recently, the Swiss Business Hub in Moscow gave authority to the Swiss Center in Samara to establish contacts with Russian companies interested in the internationalization of their business. Thanks to changes in the economy over the past three years, Russian companies have raised their competitiveness and present significant export potential.


The program will answer the following questions:

1) Why Switzerland?

2) Why should Samara business consider internationalization?

3) Who needs companies from Samara in the West?

Internationalizing its products and solutions can and should be considered as a serious competitive advantage. Not only is it an opportunity of growth, it also gives access to new competencies and networks and helps diversify risks related to business development.

The topic will be discussed through presentations and an open dialog with the interested companies. One-on-one sessions will be conducted with candidates to evaluate their internationalization potential. discuss their projects and the best approaches.

For further information, please download the full program (Russian) or get in touch with the coordinator and moderator :

Larionov Anton Valerievich,

Managing Director of the Samara representative of JSC “FINAM”,

Community of Business Angels «Samara Investment Park»

Tel: +7 (846) 979 11 99

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