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Russian production of high-quality talc and micro-talc for medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industrial applications.


At present, most high-quality talc powders are imported to Russia, there is no local high-quality production, although all conditions are present to do so and a local production would allow to compete against foreign companies on the domestic and surrounding markets.

Project Initiator:

The company MicroTalcMed LLC was founded in 1993 on the territory of the research laboratory of talc production technology OJSC Soyuznedrud. Among other, MicroTalcMed uses unique raw materials in terms of quality (low-iron lumpy talcum, calcite marble and kaolin). Today, the production capacities of the company are 1500-1700 tons / year, which is widely insufficient to meet the growing demands from Russian and foreign companies.

Project Description:

The project aims at building a large-scale production of talc for industrial applications to serve the domestic (Russian) and surrounding markets. So far, a full market study was conducted, a complete business plan (Eng/Rus) was drafted and audited, the technology and equipment were developed for small quantities and quotes were gathered for larger volumes, raw materials were analyzed and studied, and the products were tested by current and potential buyers.

MicroTalkMed has developed the production of micro talk with more than 90% purity and a pilot line produced with a productivity of 100-150 kilograms per hour has been manufactured and launched on the leased areas of the project initiator, MicroTalcMed LLC. Different sources of raw material were analyzed, studied and documented in detail, including volumes, year of exploitations and logistics.

Experimental batches of products were developed and tested by buyers and long-term partnerships were established with them for the current production. A full market study was conducted both in Russian Federation and in the Near and Far Abroad and included in the project Business Plan. Due to the fact that the constructed technological line does not satisfy the demand of the large consumers, in connection with which the import of talc from abroad is growing, it was decided to create own production base with a productivity of 20-28 thousand tons / year of talcum products.

Markets & Competition:

The project initiator already has a customer base in Russia and surrounding countries such as Pharmstandard-Ufavita, First Solution, Pharmacy store Khimfarmproduct, companies in the aerospace industry and many more. The medical talc manufactured MicroTalcMed satisfies the requirements of the American, British Pharmacopoeia and Pharmacopoeia of the EEC in quality (tests and certificates available).

Several contacts and prospects both in Russia and abroad confirmed their readiness to buy products of MicroTalcMed if the company can guarantee a regular supply in larger volumes.

Investment proposal:

An investment of $ 4.5 million is necessary to build the production capacity and bring the new products to market.

The first phase, namely building the new production lines, is estimated to be completed after 1 year. The annual profit is expected to reach up to $ 2.2 million in the second year following the project’s launch, which brings the payback period to 2.8 years.

The current Russian import substitution policy is favorable to such as the project aims at taking over a big part of the current import market share on the domestic market and build export capacities (requests to MicroTalkMed were already formulated by companies from Norway, Switzerland, Japan or Morocco).

Swiss Center Samara has met the project initiator and stands at disposal to provide further documentation, establish direct contact with the project director or visit the current facility.

For more information get in touch with us at info@swisscentersamara.com or call us : +7 846 313 18 50 / +41 79 512 03 56.

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