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The Russian Cheese Market

Over the past two years, the increasing tensions between Europe and Russia have led to a series of decisions, which have brought major changes in the products to be found on Russian shelves and the way Russians consume them.

The fall of energy prices, the introduction of sanctions against Russia, the Russian embargo, the economic crisis that Russia has been facing lately, the Russian government policies to increase agricultural production, the devaluation of the Rouble and the reaction of the competitors on the market are as many factors which have impacted the structure, habits and prices of the cheese market in Russia.

Even though Switzerland was not targeted by the Russian embargo, a large majority of Swiss producers are facing a difficult situation today: their products have become extremely expensive and sales have dropped dramatically. Despite all of this, there are solutions for the Swiss cheese industry, which can either adapt its assortment according to the market changes or consider domestic production with local partners to maintain its market shares.

This study aims at giving its reader a picture as accurate as possible of the Russian market today by describing the changes of dynamics between export and import, the shifts in consumer behaviors as well as the new structure of the offer, competition and distribution. We invite you to download the contents by clicking on the link located on the right at the top of this page. 

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