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The Russian market of cosmetics

This study was conducted in 2016 by Swiss Center Samara Sàrl and its affiliates. It combineS a thorough desk research, paid materials, field studies in retailers’ points of sales and multiple interviews with industry specialists. As a result, it gives a global overview of the economic situation in Russia and a specific understanding of the Russian market of cosmetics with a strong focus on decorative cosmetics.


…The population is highly concentrated in urban zones. The districts of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg alone represent 78% of the 143.6 million Russians counted in 2015. The population of women between 14 and 34 years exceeds XX million; the segment 25-35 years old accounts for about XX million…

…The Russian market is estimated to be the fourth largest in Europe, second only to the British, the German and the French. All categories included, this market amounted to RUB XX million in 2015 (about CHF XX billion). After a remarkable two-digits growth in the past XX years, the market is expected to contract by XX% until 2018 before going back to growth in 2019…

The category of color cosmetics, which is the main focus of this study (nail products, lip products, eye and facial make-up) represented XX% of the market in 2015, namely RUB XX million (about CHF XX billion). It follows the same trend and is expected to contract by XX% until 2018 before returning to growth in 2019. Concretely, for companies active in these three segments, the total potential market size is RUB XX million (about CHF XX million) split into three categories:

  • Lipsticks, estimated at RUB XX million (about CHF XX million);
  • Lip gloss, estimated at RUB XX (about CHF XX million)
  • Nail polish, estimated at RUB XX million (about CHF XX million)

Forecasts in these categories follow the trend of color cosmetics: the market is not expected to grow before end 2018, except the segment of nail polish, which will stagnate until 2020 and possibly beyond.

Find out more

Download the study to find out market figures and learn more about competition, distribution, key trends, pricing, customs procedures and taxes. The study also includes a listing of the major Russian events related to cosmetics, fashion and beauty along with a listing of the most influential Russian bloggers in this industry. 

Download full study
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The russian market of cosmetics
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