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website: pranapharm.ru/
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Самара, ул. Ново-Садовая, 106, корп.81

The pharmaceutical enterprise Pranafarm Ltd. was established in 2000 on the basis of an international project,
 which was successfully implemented within the framework of the cooperation program of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with
 The Russian Federation and the Samara Region.

The production premises were put into operation in 2001, and in the spring of 2002 a serial
 output. Initially, high production standards were laid for which the department is responsible
 quality assurance. The Control and Analytical Laboratory of the Quality Assurance Department has a Certificate
 technical competence in the field of quality control of medicines №КК-0020-07 from
 September 27, 2007 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Health and Social

The enterprise has qualified specialists who have been trained and retrained
 under the GMP program at special courses in Russia and the Netherlands. The enterprise is organized and
 there is a system of training and retraining of personnel.

Technological capabilities allow producing a wide range of reproduced medicinal products.
 preparations in accordance with the requirements of GMP and ISO 9000.

The company has a production line for the production of drugs in tablets, as well as packaging
 tablets and capsules in blisters and jars. The equipment of well-known manufacturers FETTE, KILLIAN, NOACK, FREWITT, STREA, LUXON, KNAUER is installed in clean industrial premises of class 100000, equipped with an automated control system
 climate and air exchange SIEMENS.