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Welcome to the canton of Neuchâtel: a region of INNOVATION and CREATIVITY

In these times of crisis and economic turmoil, I believe that it is more important than ever to maintain and develop friendly ties with other regions of the world. Ever since our first contact with Alexander Vladimirovich Kobenko and his colleagues in 2011, the Region of Samara has never ceased to impress me with the incredible dynamism and the open-mindedness of its representatives. The importance of its highly-specialized industries, at the head of some highly-innovative technologies, its constantly evolving scientific expertise and the quality of its education centers combined with the new effective regional and federal support policies, make the Samara Region one of the most attractive in Russia.

So how could I possibly compare my canton, Neuchâtel, one of the 26 States of the Swiss Federation, to Samara’s exceptional features and tremendous potential for growth?

Well, like Russia and Samara, neither Switzerland nor Neuchâtel is lacking in assets or potential.

Porträt von Karakash.Located at the heart of Europe, with no less than five neighbouring countries – Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein – Switzerland has long since cultivated a climate of international exchange. Neuchâtel is no exception to that; in fact it has been a pioneer in the development of relationships with other countries, including Russia. Despite this openness to other cultures, the people from Neuchâtel are very attached to their region, which offers an exceptional quality of life. Welcoming, cosmopolitan and close to major urban centers, the canton offers a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to meeting people. With shops, schools and nurseries within close proximity, it is easy to get around by foot. Walking is an ideal way for newcomers to quickly find their way around and to get to know the locals!

The roots of Neuchâtel’s innovative spirit originate in watchmaking, which was to become both the primary source of income, and the trigger for the region to open up to the wider world. During the 18th century, Neuchâtel watchmakers left to explore Europe, and later America and Asia, in order to develop new business opportunities. The legacy of these early entrepreneurs, with their flair for international relations lives on, as Neuchâtel remains strongly export oriented

The people of the Canton of Neuchâtel soon realized that their know-how could be applied to domains other than watchmaking. Quickly mastering the art of the infinitesimally small and excelling in precision work and reliability, they translated their skills to other leading edge applications, notably in the fields of micro and nanotechnologies. Practical applications are as endless as they are varied: medical technology, pharmaceuticals, luxury products, machine tools, precision instruments, information and communication technology (ICT) and renewable energy.

With its high levels of specialization and first-rate academic institutions, the Canton of Neuchâtel has become, along with its other resources, a real skill pool, which, merged together with those of Samara Region, will undoubtedly lead to innovative and highly competitive products and competencies for both our economies.

In light of this exceptional potential of cooperation between our regions, the Canton of Neuchâtel is proud to announce that it has joined forces with Samara Region to actively support the Swiss Center Samara in the context of our international partnership agreement. This center will foster the emergence of joint projects and bring out the best of our respective regions. I therefore encourage all spheres of both our economies to seize the unique opportunities that this innovative form of interregional cooperation offers to our SMEs and scientific organizations and I wish all of you great success in your international projects.

Jean-Nathanaël Karakash
State Councilor
Minister of Economy
Canton de Neuchâtel