Un logiciel de diagnostic précoce de l’évolution de la maladie de Parkinson créé en Russie


Des chercheurs russes ont mis au point un logiciel capable de prévoir avec pratiquement 100% d’exactitude l’évolution de la maladie de Parkinson chez un patient qui en présente les premiers symptômes.

Russia’s Real Q1 Growth Was 5.8%, So Why Did the Government Report Only 1.3%?


In marked contrast to the U.S., Russia is in the habit of understating its economic performance.

Russia considers protective duties against European food equipment


Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is seeking to raise import duties on all types of equipment used in the food industry by up to 20 times, despite the fact this step would place a financial burden upon both new and existing projects in the country’s meat industry.

Fortum to build CSA-supported solar and wind capacity in Russia


Fortum has won the right to build 110 MW of solar capacity in a Russian Capacity Supply Agreement (CSA) auction. The power plants are to be commissioned between 2021-2022 and will receive a guaranteed power price equal to around €150 per MWh for a period of 15 years.

Top Russian Finance and Tech Firms in Major Push With Gov’t to Make Russia Digital Superpower


This has become the modus operandi for the Russian government in the last years: sanctions have been turned to advantage and used as protectionist measures to carve out some space for Russia’s leading domestic companies to develop.

Russian consumers are shifting to a new economic reality, says BCG


The financial crisis that sent shockwaves through Russia in 2014 and lasted for around two years begun to subside last year. Today, Russia’s economy is stabilising, and as a result, the country is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign businesses.

Feed production output set to expand in Russia


Leading Russian feed manufacturers have recently announced production capacity improvement projects while the Russian government has pledged support for the development of the feed sector.

Russia’s first authorised maintenance centre for Pilatus Aircraft


Nesterov Aviation, an authorised representative of Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft in Russia, has picked the first maintenance centre in the country to be approved to service PC-12 turboprops.

Russian Energy Giants — Gazprom and Rosneft — Clash in International Gas Markets


Russian energy major Rosneft is increasingly challenging domestic rival Gazprom in international gas markets, from West Africa to Turkey and even Europe, according to five industry sources with knowledge of the matter.

Russian Auto Dealers, European Automakers Sign Pact


The Russian auto industry signs an agreement aimed at creating fair, open and aboveboard rules of competition in the new-car-sales market.

Michelin Russia builds on export and premium production


Michelin says it exports around 30% of its production from Russia, as the tyre supplier also looks to build on its domestic presence in the country, including many premium brands.

Vehicle imports to Russia increase in the first quarter


Russia imported almost 67,000 finished vehicles during the first quarter 2018, up by just under 50% compared to the same period last year, according to a statement from the country’s Federal Customs Service.