Cosmic clean-up: Russia to help Japan launch galactic garbage collecting mission in 2020


Japan’s satellite intended to demonstrate the project of capturing and removing space junk from orbit is expected to be launched aboard a Russian Soyuz-2 rocket from the Baikonur spaceport.

Russia starts exports of locally-produced solar panels to Europe


First batches of Russian-produced solar panels have been supplied to Europe, according to First Deputy Energy Minister Alexey Texler.

Sberbank to Consult Power Giant Rosseti on Blockchain in Tech Exchange Deal


Russia’s largest majority state-owned bank Sberbank has signed a partnership agreement with state-owned power giant Rosseti to propagate new technologies.

Russia’s Love of Chocolate Is Helping Tighten World Cocoa Market


Russia’s fast-growing appetite for chocolate is helping to boost global cocoa demand, according to Barry Callebaut AG.

A la recherche des origines de la vie : bientôt une base russe sur la Lune


La création d’une base lunaire est envisagée par la Russie. Elle permettra aux astronautes de rechercher de la matière organique et de faire la lumière sur l’apparition de la vie sur les planètes, selon le directeur de l’Institut de recherches spatiales auprès de l’Académie des sciences de Russie.

Railroad link to connect Russia’s St. Petersburg with Germany’s Berlin


Russia and Germany have agreed to connect Germany’s capital Berlin with St. Petersburg, which is often branded Russia’s northern capital.

The government agrees to set eligibility measures for car manufacturers to have access to state support


The state support for Russian automotive industry may be aimed at car manufacturers, who already meet the conditions of the so-called second industrial assembly regime in a new investment cycle.

Alliance Rostec Auto has acquired more than 96% of Avtovaz


Alliance Rostec Auto BV, the joint venture of Rostec and Renault-Nissan, has announced that the share of the company in the capital of Avtovaz has risen to 96.6% from 83.5%.

À la recherche d’innovations «made in Russia»


Les avantages du Luxembourg comme terre d’accueil pour les entreprises innovantes russes ont été mis en lumière lors d’une visite du centre d’innovation de Skolkovo, à Moscou, qui s’est tenue le 21 septembre 2018.

Mazda opens new engine plant in Russia


Vladimir Putin and Shinzo Abe recently attended the opening ceremony of a new engine plant at Mazda Sollers Manufacturing Rus in Vladivostok, which was launched officially on September 10. The plant is designed to manufacture 50,000 Sky Activ-G engines per year in accordance with the Euro-5 emission standard.

BRICS bank to finance new projects in Russia & India


The board of directors of BRICS’ New Development Bank (NDB) has approved three infrastructure and sustainable development projects in India and Russia with loans aggregating $825 million.

Russia to create world’s largest amphibian anti-sub aircraft


A new breed of giant seabird is set to patrol the Russian coast — armed with 6.5 tons of ammunition and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Its mission: to locate and neutralize uninvited guests lurking below the brine.