Which professionals are in high demand in Russia


If you’re an expert in IT or agriculture, then you have a good chance at finding work in Russia.

Russian aircraft manufacturers may be exempted from VAT


The Russian government is to review the bill concerning value-added tax (VAT) commitments for companies involved in the country’s civil aerospace industry, Oleg Bocharov vice-minister for Industry and Trade has declared.

L’Iran signe un accord d’envergure avec la Russie et ses voisins


Lors du Forum économique d’Astana, les autorités iraniennes ont conclu un accord provisoire avec l’Union économique eurasiatique ayant pour but de constituer une zone de libre-échange.

Businesses warn Russia Don’t make it a crime to comply with U.S. sanctions


Russian business lobby groups voiced opposition on Wednesday to a draft law that would make it a crime to comply with sanctions imposed by the United States or other countries.

Russia ends era of industrial agreements


Russia is scrapping its Regulation 166 agreement, which allows foreign carmakers building cars in the country to import parts at preferential rates of customs duty.

3 Indian entrepreneurs who prove Russia is a good place to do business


While setting up a company is generally not an easy task, this trio of money-makers prove there can be a pot of gold at the end of the Russian rainbow.

Why buy a ready-made business in Russia


Here’s a strategy that can save you money if you want to launch an international business.

Russian scientists bring frozen frog heart back to life after successful transplant


In a world first, Russian scientists have managed to revive the cryogenically-frozen heart of a frog and restored it to its normal functions.

Russia-China trade booming, to hit $100bn this year


The volume of trade between Russia and China has been rapidly growing, with an already 30-percent increase in the first quarter of 2018. The sides aim to boost trade to $200 billion by 2020.

Can Russia build turbines as well as Germany’s Siemens?


Russian businesses have been tasked with developing and building gas turbines in order to make up for lost imports. German engineers assess whether that is a realistic goal.

How to make a ‘first date’ with your Russian partner successful


Russians will often want a very quick and frank discussion so that they can understand whether the business relationship is worth their time, shares Andy Frecka, an experienced business negotiator living in Russia.

Coupe du monde 2018 : « Samara était un bled paumé, aujourd’hui, c’est une vraie ville »


Du 14 juin au 15 juillet prochains, la Russie accueillera la Coupe du monde de football 2018.