Registering a company in Russia is, at first glance, not complicated. In the Russian regions though, subjectivity can play a major role in the procedures and their success. Knowing the local administrations, reliable partners (banks, notaries, lawyers…) and having a team familiar with problematics of foreign companies setting up subsidiaries in Russia is a real time-saver and helps you avoid bad surprises.

Swiss Center Samara provides support at all stages of business set up and long-term support to foreign companies establishing operations in the Volga Region.


Our local team and administrative specialists accompany you, in English and/or French, through each step of the registration process to save up time and money and ensure a smooth process.

Company Registration

  • Determining the legal form of the company;
  • Preparing the legal and administrative documents, including notarized translations;
  • Submitting the documents to the competent authorities;
  • Opening a company bank account;
  • Registering the company by the local Tax authorities, Social and Pension Funds;

Interim Management

Until you can send your specialist from abroad or find the right manager for your newly created company, we offer interim management solutions: Swiss Center Samara manages the company and performs the administrative and legal tasks on your behalf.

Office Solutions

Thanks to our partnership with a dynamic local company, Swiss Center Samara offers full office solution in Samara; either virtually or physically. You can start tomorrow with:

  • Local address and independent phone number;
  • Mail collection and forwarding;
  • Fully equipped office space with high-speed internet (cable and Wifi) in the city center;
  • Shared facilities (kitchen, cafeteria) and equipment (printer, scanner, office furniture, coffee and snacks;
  • Conference room and professional reception;
  • International environment and regular events.

HR Solutions

If you do not feel ready yet to register a Russian legal entity, you can use a structure already established and operational: Swiss Center Samara. We hire and pay your representative and employees while you manage and work with them:

  • Recruitment of staff on your behalf within our Russian subsidiary;
  • Payroll and administrative support, incl. taxes and social insurances;
  • Management, time-control and assistance based on your requirements.

We also work with several federal and local HR agencies to ensure that you can recruit the best candidates.


Bureaucracy is unfortunately still a reality in Russia. Recruiting requires market knowledge and experience too.

Accounting & Taxes

Swiss Center Samara unburdens you of all accounting and reporting tasks related to your company. Outsourcing these tasks is by far more cost-effective and allows you to focus on other tasks. We can cover the following:

  • Bookkeeping (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • Payroll, taxes, social and pension funds;
  • Quarterly reports to the tax authorities;
  • Documentation for all monetary transaction (transfers, invoices, payments, currency control…).