Localization in Russia


The trend to localizing production activities in Russia has been gaining traction over the last years. Though it presents a threat for some companies, it also opens opportunities for others, who take advantage of generous support programs, increasing market demand and position themselves ideally to serve the emerging Eurasian Economic Union.

This being said, it is difficult to navigate politics, the numerous funds, support organizations, government incentives and understand what can really be done. Assessing the viability and advantages of industrial parks and surrounding infrastructures can also be challenge. Finding the right technological partners and suppliers also requires local guidance.

Swiss Center Samara brings its market knowledge, industrial network and understanding of local politics to avoid hick-ups and accelerate your project realization.

Assessment & Business Plan

General and specialized consulting to help you assess market potential, partners, legal implications, strategic choices and all aspects of your projects with a pool of local experts at the initial stage. Our senior partners have strong competencies in financials.

Partner Search

For a SME, an approach is to create a joint venture with a local investor. We are in contact with multiple companies and individuals, many of which are interested in creating joint projects either by investing and/or by bringing their assets to the project: their production space, sales points, certifications, logistics…  

Government Relations

Russian regions have been enjoying growing autonomy and notable development in past decades. Today, they are today competing with one another to improve their business climate and attract foreign and domestic investments with multiple support measures and infrastructures. Swiss Center Samara helps you dialog at the right level and maximize support to your project.

Project Realization

Our local team can assist and support your in project realization either with administrative trouble-shooting, migration issues for your foreign employees, active lobbying and many other aspects.