Market & Business intelligence


Acting on the basis of reliable information is of prior importance. Russia is a big market spread unevenly in the regions, which all have their specific regulatory framework, consumption habits and both local and international competitors. Our expertise in market intelligence enables our customers to:

  • Identify potential customers and business partners
  • Evaluate your chances against competition
  • Reduce risks, entry barriers and uncertainty
  • Accelerate your sales and business development



Many of our customers decided to enter the market through a distributor or a sales representative. To do so, we offer a 3-steps approach, which can be combined to a trip to Russia, the participation to a specialized fair or to a conference, depending on the timeline and possibilities.


Step 1: Identifying distributors, agents, representatives

Based on your requirements, we conduct a thorough market search to identify suitable partners for you. We deliver a selection of potential matches with the following information:

  • Company name, website, short company description
  • Country coverage (regional, federal, other countries of the CIS)
  • Presence of competitors’ products in the distributor’s assortment
  • Key contact information (person, email, phone, address)


Step 2: Reaching out to the selected partners

Getting in touch with a Russian partner often requires to be introduced beforehand or to pick up the phone and insist heavily; many emails never make it to the mailbox and an astonishing number of companies do not answer to solicitations from unknown organizations. The language is also a major barrier for the first contact.

Once we have identified and discussed the best possible partners with you, our team finds the right angle to approach them, get the decision-makers on the phone and confirm their interest towards your proposal.


Step 3: Arranging a business meeting

Despite an increasing trend to European ways of doing business, Russian companies still have their specific practices. For instance, hierarchy is extremely strong; only a few people make the decisions. Meetings can be cancelled upon short notice or postponed, which makes it necessary to confirm and re-confirm them systematically.

With your confirmation, we organize a series of business meetings with the final candidates either in Russia or through digital communication channels, proceed to the introductions and translate the discussions if necessary.



Russian Market Intelligence Platform

We regularly conduct and publish analytical content according to 4 systematic, digest and straight-to-the point formats:


  • Industrial Reports: we describe trends, evolutions and major segments of Russian industries we feel have a strong growth potential for foreign companies
  • Market Researches: we look at a specific segment in a given industry and after a quick industry overview, we go deeper in understanding competition, prices, distribution and challenges
  • Regional Overviews: we document trends, industrial activity and business opportunities for foreign companies in terms of sales, outsourcing or localization potential in the Russian regions.
  • Company Profiles: we provide information on Russian companies, covering activities, products, infrastructures, development plans and challenges for sales or partnership purposes.


Check out the latest reports here:

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We are used to dealing with very specific products and market segments for our customers. All have different requirements and may emphasize on various key indicators to assess their business potential in Russia. For this reason, we conduct tailor-made studies either according to 4 predefined blocks, or built with the customers from scratch.

Our deliverables always include an executive summary for the board and a digest content structure for a quick navigation in the document. Customers receive the study in electronic format and a live presentation with the main findings can be arranged for the management.

Market Assessment

  • Russian economy: trends, forecasts and challenges
  • Market segment(s): current situation, main products and practices, main regions and clusters in Russia, main import/export statistics
  • List of fairs and exhibitions; specialized press and portals; most relevant associations and related organizations

Competition Analysis

  • Listing of the main competitors and market players in Russia
  • Short description of the direct competitors and their infrastructure in Russia
  • Product features and pricing information
  • Distribution channels and marketing activities

Sales Potential

  • Potential foreign and local customers country-wide (producers, importers, retailers, distribution chains)
  • Profile, size, assortment, turnover, national and regional representation in Russia, contact information
  • Other potential companies according to your specifications
  • Precisions as to the sales process (government tenders vs private sectors) and information on existing business relationships

Entry Strategy

  • Risks, barriers and market restrictions for your products
  • SWOT analysis of the market entry
  • Possible strategies comparison
  • Expert recommendations



As you enter the market, you might need additional services, which we will be glad to provide. For instance:

  • Getting a Russian visa
  • Translation and interpret services
  • Accompaniment and orientation in Russia
  • Organizing a networking event during your stay



We distinguish two types of services:

  • Predefined products such as the subscription and single reports or separate blocks for tailor-made studies come at a fixed price, advertised on this website or available upon request.
  • Other services such as general consulting, translation and interpret services, background checks, etc, are charged based on hourly fees, depending on the task and the responsible who delivers the services. Our rates are available upon request.

In all cases, we always respect our customers’ budget and strive to deliver maximal satisfaction in every project we conduct.