Selling on the Russian market can be tough, especially for a foreign company. Practices from a sector to another can vary dramatically and your success will depend highly on your market knowledge and personal relationships. Recent and targeted prospective customers listings, preliminary introductions and phone calls in Russian, confirmations of interests, active lobbying, presence at trade shows, visits directly to the customers plants will raise your chances of success.

To do so, Swiss Center Samara can rely on a wide and diversified network, which gives us insights, access and thorough understanding of practices in several fields. Depending on our customers’ specifications, we open door to various targets:



  • Private and state-owned companies
  • Domestic and foreign producers and their suppliers
  • Regional and municipal governments


  • Retail chains and cooperatives
  • Importers and Wholesalers
  • Regional resellers and agents
  • Specialized distributors

Other Partners

  • Clusters and business communities
  • Trade platforms and associations
  • Universities and innovation hubs
  • Others as per your specifications



Based on our customers’ targets, we conduct a systematic market screening to create from scratch a customers’ database for your sales team. The deliverable is an xls file with the following information:

  • Company name, website, short company description
  • Key contact information (contact person, position, email, phone, address)

The listing is created for your use only and can be actioned by your sales team or used for a sales campaign performed by Swiss Center Samara on your behalf.



Direct Sales

Before a trade show, a conference or a business trip or simply within the framework of your regular sales efforts, we offer to design and conduct sales campaign on your behalf.

We prepare the necessary documentation in Russian language according to market specifics and then perform emailing campaigns with follow-up calls to confirm interest and gather business leads either for a direct sale on your behalf or for a follow-up by our customers’ sales team.

Individual Sales Trips

We organize individual business trips for your sales representatives in the Russian regions. Based on your needs and goals, we identify sales targets, get access to the right people, set up and confirm the meetings, coordinate logistics (hotels, internal flights, transfers…), introduce you and translate during the visit.

Here is an example of a 5-days program:


Hiring a sales agent

Based on your budget and sales goals, Swiss Center Samara can put at your disposal a business developer fully dedicated to your company, for a short or longer period, to actively prospect the Russian market. You work directly with the final customers.

Developing sales networks

Russia is big and fragmented, and you might solve the issue by finding a large distributor in Moscow, sell at a fixed price and never know your end-customers. An alternative is to develop a network of commission-based sales agents within the regions. There are multiple regional companies well-connected to their local networks and with sales force. They offer a greater market proximity, take lesser margins and you get to know the end-users and final sales prices of your equipment.



As anywhere else, fairs and exhibitions are an important prospection and promotion channel in Russia. Very often though, they require a serious amount of administrative paperwork and coordination, not to mention that Russian organizers sometimes impose discriminatory pricing policies towards foreign companies.

Swiss Center Samara offers you its assistance to cover administrative issues, address the pricing problem, find competent interprets and promote your presence at the fair among partners and prospective customers before the fair. Solutions such as joint stands with other companies can also be implemented to reduce costs.



We have substantial experience in organizing delegations and grouped business missions to the regions. As opposed to others, we organize these missions strictly from a business perspective and for SME.

This means that, unless it brings and added-value to the participants, we avoid involving politics, government officials and administration in the program and focus only on industrial companies and business circles to maximize results.

We differentiate ourselves with a high level of preparation beforehand, an extensive network of private partners within the regions and a skilled team on the spot.



As you develop sales, you might need additional services, which we will be glad to provide. For instance:

  • Translating your marketing materials
  • Legal advice, templates and translations for contracts
  • Administrative trouble-shooting
  • Support with customs, certification and logistics
  • Background check, due diligence



We distinguish two types of services:

  • Predefined products such as individual sales trip and customers database come at a fixed price, advertised on this website or available upon request.
  • Other services are discussed with our customers and subject to a quote before realization.

In all cases, we always respect our customers’ budget and strive to deliver maximal satisfaction in every project we conduct.