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Trade Promotion

Market studies

Acting on the basis of reliable information is of prior importance. Russia is a big market spread unevenly in the regions, which all have their specific regulatory framework, consumption habits and both local and international competitors. Swiss Center Samara carries out national and regional market studies based on your needs, in a timely manner and at competitive prices.

Desk researches

Analytics and Reports using internal and external resources, data from the publicly available, internal, licensed and private databases, analysis from open or commercial sources (Internet, reports, studies brochures, catalogs, exhibitions materials, etc.).

Field studies

Gathering additional and/or complementary information and industry insights from specialists, experts and businesses through interviews and/or informal contacts; collecting and analyzing data in retail points or from wholesalers and competitors; conducting custom-made surveys among representative target audiences.

Work standards

Receiving accurate information is a challenge. So is receiving this information in a digest, well-structured format. Swiss Center Samara strives to deliver studies with quality according to Swiss standards and transparent information.

Partner Search & Customer Prospection

Finding the right distributor, supplier and service provider in Russia is often challenging. So is building an accurate customer database. Our experience shows that many Russian companies, even large ones, are nowhere to be found on the internet or only in Russian, they often do not pay attention to emails and requests from foreign organizations and getting the right person on the phone can take days or weeks.

Our local team can save you the trouble and search the right partners through our own resources, partners and networks. We search for, get in touch with and bring to the table partners (distributors, retailers, agents, integrators, importers, prospective customers…)

Swiss Center Samara proceeds in a 3-steps approach:

1) Establishing a shortlist of potential partners

2) Reaching out to decision-makers with proposals and documentation

3) Organizing meetings and negotiations between the partners

Trade Missions

Russia is an economy driven by relationships; your business will skyrocket if you manage to develop genuine relationships with the right partners. That is why we chose to set up our representation in the Volga Region and that we invest continuously in the development of our networks, representations and partnerships with business communities, industrial clusters, scientific hubs and state bodies.

Based on your needs and objectives, Swiss Center Samara organizes commercial, industrial and/or scientific missions, covering the following aspects at the highest standards:

Preparatory Work

Swiss Center Samara gets in touch with potential customers, suppliers, subcontractors, R&D centers and universities, regional governments and officials, industrial groups, embassies and consulates, chambers of commerce and any organization that is relevant to your field and project in Russia; you name it, we find it.

Organizations to be visited are documented (general description, financials, development plans, affiliates…) in Russian, English or French language. Participants of the delegation can be preliminary introduced to these organizations beforehand in order to hold concrete talks during the meetings.

Logistics & Assistance 24/7

Swiss Center Samara answers for every detail of your visiting program: documentation, accommodation, transport, meals, translation, business introductions and meeting reports. We want you to be in the best conditions to achieve your goals during your stay.


After the delegation is gone, Swiss Center Samara gathers and provides to the members all documents, presentations and information materials, meeting reports, pictures and press coverage related to the mission. We remain at your disposal to conduct on your behalf all follow-up activities necessary for your projects to progress with your Russian partners.  

Fairs and Exhibitions

As anywhere else, fairs and exhibitions are an important prospection and promotion channel in Russia. Very often though, they require a serious amount of administrative paperwork and coordination, not to mention that Russian organizers sometimes impose discriminatory pricing policies towards foreign companies.

Swiss Center Samara offers you its assistance to cover administrative issues, address the pricing problem and promote your presence at the fair among partners and prospective customers. Solutions such as joint stands with other companies can also be implemented to reduce costs.

Digital Presence

Do your company and products exist in the Russian digital landscape? If not, then you are probably missing out a few requests and potential customers. Get noticed by translating a profile of your company and publishing it on the portal www.SWISS-RUS.ru. Except for the translation, this service is free (for now).