Why Russia?

We are convinced that Russia holds tremendous business potential and sales opportunities for foreign companies which take the time to apprehend the reality and specifics of this fascinating and complex country.

Despite an apparent resemblance with the West, Russia remains very different from the Western mentality and business practices. Its cultural specificities make it a difficult market to navigate for newcomers.

This is especially true for Western Small and Medium Enterprises, which need to rely on trustworthy and experienced partners based in Russia to develop their business in the country effectively.

That’s with this firm belief that the company founder and current director, Nicolas Waefler, moved from his native Switzerland to Samara in 2015 and created the Swiss Center Samara, with the ambition to make Russia more accessible to Swiss and European companies.

The Kremlin by nikolay-vorobyev

Our Mission

Our leitmotiv has always been to help Swiss and European companies enter the Russian market and develop their business there.

Today, we focus specifically on Swiss and European SME with interests in B2B and industrial applications in Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive, Machine-tool and Metal-processing Equipment, Medtech, Oil & Gas, Cleantech, Agriculture and Food-processing and any other industry presenting a business potential for them.


Individuals and personal relations are important in any country but especially in Russia. Swiss Center Samara maintains a strong and diversified network with operational work relationships that can be activated for project requirements.

We have put an emphasis on developing contacts within the industries and organizations from the private economy, including entrepreneurs, business owners, top managers and industry professionals. Paralelly, we maintain good relationships with diplomatic and political channels, federal and regional state bodies, regional governments, national and interregional business associations, R&D centres and large universities in several regions of Western Russia.

Lets start a new project!

Our team works on a project basis and each member brings his competencies and inputs when needed. Contact us now to get a first feedback and a budget estimate to realize your project.

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler
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