Registering a company in Russia

We offer an ideal solution for your market entry and business development in Russia: from a virtual office and outsourced administration to a fully staffed and functional Russian subsidiary, all under one roof:

  • Advice on the choice of legal form, procedure, documents needed and cost estimates
  • Execution of each step before, during and after the registration procedure, incl. opening of a Russian bank account
  • Provision of a legal address, local number and office solutions
  • Recruitment services and ad-interim management with a temporary General Director
  • Assistance in obtaining a work permit and business visa
  • Provision of a reliable local accounting specialist and administrative services

Creating your Russian OOO

The Russian market presents a great business expansion potential and numerous opportunities for foreign companies. The reemergence and modernization of several Russian industries combined to strong localization policies have created a renewed demand for all sorts of machinery, equipment, components and technologies from the West.

To seize this long-term potential, we see an increasing number of foreign companies switching from a commercial strategy based on distributors and intermediaries to direct sales through the registration of their own Russian subsidiary.

Where should I set up my subsidiary?

You could be tempted to answer logically «Moscow» and you would be right in many cases. Moscow is the heart of Russian business and the decision centre for most federal companies. Despite this, several Swiss and European companies have chosen to register their Russian subsidiary in regions outside of Moscow. The reasons are manifold:

  • Proximity to customers: if you must be in tight contact with plants because you are serving mostly industrial companies, then you should consider setting up operations outside of Moscow. For instance, Novosibirsk for the aviation industry, Kaluga and Togliatti for the automotive industry, Samara for the aerospace industry, Ekaterinburg for the metal-processing industry, etc.
  • Costliness: Moscow is as expensive as Zürich or Geneva, if not more. Office space, workforce, services and the general cost of living are on average 30 to 50% more expensive than in Russian regions, outside of Moscow.
  • High level of competition: acquiring customers in Moscow also comes at a greater cost because of the high level of competition, especially among foreign companies. In this regard, Russian regions certainly do not concentrate as many large and federal commercial prospects, but the weak competition drastically brings down the costs of customer acquisition and retention.

Setting up a company in the Volga Region

Launching operations outside of Moscow comes with a series of advantages but also a set of special hurdles. Local administrations all have their specificities and dose of unpredictability. There is also a great disparity in the level of skills, experience and international awareness among the regional service providers (notaries, accountants, lawyers…).

The experience we accumulated and the solid team of in-house professionals and partners that compose Swiss Center Samara today allow us to provide to foreign companies what we dreamt of when setting up operations:

one-stop shop providing everything needed to plan, register and service a subsidiary in Samara and surrounding regions of the Volga Federal District. For company setup and office space in Moscow, we will gladly advise you on general questions and recommend verified partners for the execution.

Your one-stop shop for business setup in the Volga

Advantages of this approach:

  • Everything under one roof: company creation and interim management, office space and HR support for employees, reliable accounting and administrative services
  • Cost-effective: great flexibility and limited risks at each stage of your development in Russia
  • Time-effective: our solutions allow you to tackle several challenges of market entry parallelly to ensure a quick and swift development
  • Reliability: we are the only international provider of such integrated solutions in Samara and surroundings

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