Bringing in your foreign specialist

If you are coming to Russia for business purposes or to work, you will need an official business visa or a work permit.

Business Visa for Russia

There are multiple forms of visa, which vary in length (from 30 days up to several years) and a number of entries in Russia (once, twice, multiple times). To apply for any of them, you will need a formal invitation issued by a Russian organization.

Upon request, Swiss Center Samara will be glad to send you an invitation along with our Russian Visa Guide 2019 (a short and pragmatic guide for first-time applicants).

Work Permit

While a business visa allows you to visit the country for various events and a period no longer than 90 days in half a year, you will need a work permit if you want to work in the country.

Obtaining a Russian work permit for a foreigner is a dull and lengthy procedure, which requires a lot of paperwork, local consultations and a Russian legal entity. There are two types of procedures to obtain a permit to work in Russia:

  • Ordinary procedure
  • Procedure for Highly Qualified Specialists (HQS)

Rules and current practices surrounding these two types of visa can vary dramatically from region to region and special preferences might apply depending on your nationality.

If you are considering sending a foreign specialist to Russia, we invite you to give us a call or write us an email. We will be glad to fill you in on the latest rules applicable.

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler
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"Swiss Center Samara helped me get a visa in record time and organized an excellent business trip with targeted meetings at the highest level. Their assistance on the field and for the follow-up was extremely useful. I also enjoyed the transparency and realism with which they guided us through the Russian culture and market realities".

Daniel Stähli / Owner & Director, Stähli Produits Fermiers SA
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"Russia represents great opportunities for our business, but also great challenges. Swiss Center Samara understands those challenges and supported us in finding pragmatic and rapid solutions. Thanks to their local network, we could quickly establish relationships that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Their guidance before, during and after the business trip was very professional and very useful to make the most of our time there."

Bertrand Spaeth / Co-Founder, Kizy Tracking SA

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