Cleantech in Russia

Russia is also concerned with global warming and after 2017 was declared the " year of ecology " by the Russian president, awareness is rising among the general public and industrial companies.

Waste Treatment

According to various estimates, Russia produces about 50 million tons of domestic waste per year but recycles only 60’000 tons per year and burns just 2% of it to produce energy.

One of the problems is that very few domestic companies integrate recycled raw material in their production. No consumer, no recycler. The few companies involved recycle PET material and cardboard but there is no recycler for the other domestic waste.

Another problem is that each region is empowered to choose a unique service provider for waste treatment and recycling, which creates de facto a monopole and prevents small players to get in, but things are changing gradually.

With all these problems come great opportunities for foreign investors and providers of integrated solutions. Many European companies are already involved, and this sector is bound to grow and generate large projects as only Russia can develop when it takes up a challenge.

A wind turbine

Wind Energy

The newly created wind cluster in the Region of Ulyanovsk (2018) and the wind power plant to be created in Yakutia in partnership with Japanese partners are good examples of the energy diversification taking place in the country. Between 2018 and 2022, one expects 1000 MW of capacity to be installed in the country.

Wind is the best alternative source of power in the Arctic, and as the region is developing with the new Northern Sea route from Asia to Europe opened thanks to the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet, there are many projects to equip the old Soviet ports on the Russian shore.

Solar Energy

In 2017, the Russian solar energy company „Hevel“ started the production of heterojunction solar modules developed in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Since the commissioning of the first solar power plant in Russia in 2014, more than a dozen projects emerged and the country overall capacity reached 150 MW in 2018.

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Amount of household waste produced in Russia each year; out of which only 60’000 tons are recycled.



The total wind power production capacity to be installed in Russia between 2018 and 2022.



The average price per kilowatt hour in Russia as of December 2018 (=~0,06 USD).

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