The MedTech Sector in Russia

Despite several modernization programs, Russia seriously lags behind European countries in terms of medical equipment. Depending on indicators, it is overall 3 to 5 times under-developed compared to them.

Impeded by the recent years of crisis (2014–2016), further modernization efforts are planned, and the May Decrees of 2018 announced by the Russian President clearly outline healthcare as one of the top priorities over the period 2018–2024.

Though the share of imported medical goods remains high (76% in 2017), import substitution policies implemented by the Kremlin favour domestic producers and goods «Made in Russia». This creates multiple opportunities for foreign providers of manufacturing and production equipment.

Despite state procurement giving preferences to local producers, the private health sector is growing fast in Russia and leaves an important business potential to MedTech producers focusing on niche markets.

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Billion rubles

Overall estimated market value of Russian medical goods in 2016.



The share of imported goods in the Russian MedTech market in 2017.


Mkt share

The target set by the Government in terms of market share for domestic medical products by 2020.


Avg spending

Over the last years, Russia has been spending 4 times less than EU countries in average per capita on medical devices.

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