Are you prepared for Russia?

Despite its obvious business potential, Russia’s opacity and complexity often scare off foreign companies. Based on your specifications, we conduct tailor market research to assess each segment, identify potential targets but also mitigate risks and barriers to successful market entry.

Come with a game plan

We are struck to see how many companies underestimate the Russian market and how many more of them arrive badly prepared before Russian prospects. They end up wasting time, money and opportunities.

Gearing up for the Russian market does not take millions and we are all for cost optimization and development steps as concrete as possible, but there are still some basics you should clarify before throwing in the budget for an expensive fair or a business trip to Russia:

Export & Product Certification

That is the first thing you will need to know before even contacting distributors or agents: does your product need to be certified? What about legal import restrictions for your category of product in Russia?

Sales Potential

Who and where are your customers in Russia? Is the public sector a big part of the market, in which case you might want to check state procurement conditions in your sector…? What segments and customers should you target first?

Market Competitiveness

Unless you are the market leader and can easily crush your competition, you might want to check which of your competitors are present in Russia and what is their offering. Are there also domestic companies providing analogue or alternative solutions?

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Payments & currency

Getting paid in Russia is generally not a problem, especially if the company you are dealing with is experienced in international activity…

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