Minimize risks, maximize results

Your commercial strategy might need to be adapted to the Russian reality. We have developed several tools and tactics to help our customers choose the right market approach, make targeted investments and grow their business at lesser costs.

  • Federal distributor, a network of commercial agents, direct sales?
  • What about direct sales through a local sales representative on a payroll?
  • What are the real costs, what budget should you plan for the selected approach?

Benefit from our experience of Russian market entry and business development to optimize your return on investment.

The most cost-effective market entry

Thanks to our experience and local team, we offer a cost-effective approach to Russian market entry, executed by trustworthy Swiss and Russian professionals living in the country.

  • Pay only for what you really need: we define a budget and invoice only the effective hours spent on the project
  • Two brains are better than one: depending on your needs and questions different team members get involved for a maximal efficiency
  • Bank on our experience: there is a lot we can do to help you avoid mistakes, establish a game plan and open the right doors before you even come to Russia

Our deliverables always include an executive summary for the board and a digest content structure for a quick navigation in the document. Customers receive the study in electronic format and a live presentation with the main findings can be arranged for the management.

For quotes and questions, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.

Market Research

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler


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Garantees of success

We guarantee that we will advise you responsibly, propose you the most effective market entry approach and work hard to make your business skyrocket in Russia…

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— Garantees of success

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler
Founder & Director

"We considered exporting to Russia but had very little market knowledge. The Russian team helped us get a clear picture of market segments, competition and pricing as well as export and certification procedures. As a result, we decided to postpone our project in Russia as their market research made us realize the market was not ready yet for our solutions. I greatly appreciated their transparency".

Michel Parvex / Founder & CEO, Systech Analytics SA

"Swiss Center Samara helped me get a visa in record time and organized an excellent business trip with targeted meetings at the highest level. Their assistance on the field and for the follow-up was extremely useful. I also enjoyed the transparency and realism with which they guided us through the Russian culture and market realities".

Daniel Stähli / Owner & Director, Stähli Produits Fermiers SA

How we work

In-house & network resources

  • We have accumulated substantial market insights which we continuously expand and update with new reports and publications
  • We have both in-house industrial specialists with extensive experience and an operational network of experts
  • We have access to paid resources and partner’s databases

Desk research

  • We are experienced in finding, filtering and synthesizing information from open sources in Russian, English and French
  • We analyze, structure and interpret Russian statistical data from both open and paid sources
  • We collect and refine information from specialized platforms, fairs and associations

Field research

  • We conduct interviews and surveys with the target audience, potential customers, industrial experts
  • We carry out tenders and gather commercial offers
  • We collect information directly from the market with store checks (prices, packaging, display…)