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Most of our customers have niche products, which means that market maturity and sales potential need to be evaluated using specific indicators.

We conduct customized market researches for our customers, specifically adapted to their requirements. Tailoring the research can be done either by designing the content from scratch together or by combining and/or refining content blocks such as competition, sales potential, etc.

Did you know?

We also carry out and regularly publish reports and market flashes about key industries and topics of the Russian economy. This allows us to stay on top of the game, deliver commercially relevant information to our customers and seize new opportunities with them.

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Market Research

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler


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Russia is complicated

We hear that a lot from companies who tried Russia unsuccessfully. If you approach the Russian market as you would any European market, then yes, it is going to be complicated…

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— Russia is complicated

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler
Founder & Director

"We considered exporting to Russia but had very little market knowledge. The Russian team helped us get a clear picture of market segments, competition and pricing as well as export and certification procedures. As a result, we decided to postpone our project in Russia as their market research made us realize the market was not ready yet for our solutions. I greatly appreciated their transparency".

Michel Parvex / Founder & CEO, Systech Analytics SA
rene rochetti

"We see about anything and everything today when it comes to market studies. Swiss Center Samara not only did for us an excellent market research in Russian pharma and medtech, they also delivered it on time".

René Ronchetti / CEO, IMA MedTech

How we work

In-house & network resources

  • We have accumulated substantial market insights which we continuously expand and update with new reports and publications
  • We have both in-house industrial specialists with extensive experience and an operational network of experts
  • We have access to paid resources and partner’s databases

Desk research

  • We are experienced in finding, filtering and synthesizing information from open sources in Russian, English and French
  • We analyze, structure and interpret Russian statistical data from both open and paid sources
  • We collect and refine information from specialized platforms, fairs and associations

Field research

  • We conduct interviews and surveys with the target audience, potential customers, industrial experts
  • We carry out tenders and gather commercial offers
  • We collect information directly from the market with store checks (prices, packaging, display…)