A regional entrepreneur of Samara sells several of his businesses, most of which are related to the agri-business. Companies and individuals interested by this opportunity are welcome to let us know in order to receive detailed information about the object.

Land and utilities

The complex is located in the Kinelsky District, 34 km East from Samara City. The land plot is 4,38 hectares and is equipped with storage basins and pumping stations, 2 water towers, a 900 tons grain elevator, gas and alternative heating systems, electrical power and paved roads.


The complex consists of one warehouse (grain elevator), a fodder production (500 sqm), two breeding buildings (laboratory, breeding boars, incubator, fattening sectors), a sanitary building (showers, lockers rooms, laundry), an administrative building, a slaughterhouse, a butcher shop, a sausage shop and a smoking shop.

Production & Markets:

Plant produces the first category chilled pork carcasses and first category chilled pork in half carcasses. It is equipped with the latest technologies from Denmark and has a total of 5500 pigs with a capacity of 70 heads per month. The main sales markets are Samara, Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Khanty-Mansiysk.


The estimated value of the assets is 393 million rubles. No debt, caution or mortgage. The owner claims a 25% profitability He has been selling several of its assets in the past 3 years to focus on another industrial sector.

Swiss Center Samara has met the owner of the complex and stands at your disposal to provide documentation, establish contact with the owner or organize a visit of the object.

Interested by this opportunity? Get in touch with us at  [email protected] or call us: +7 846 313 18 50 / +41 79 512 03 56.