On June 2nd and 3d, another festival of embankments devoted to the Future was held in Samara. Futuristic sculptures, a post-apocalyptic beach, a space base – all this could be seen at the Volgafest in 2018. Each year the festival gathers up to 100 thousand people. Our team decided to join the international venue, organized by French Alliance and the German Language Center. Together with us, the “Friendship” stand was represented by the Italian Consulate and Spanish Center. Imagine a future in which all peoples are united: they solve common problems, create large-scale international projects, cooperate and help each other. For immersion in this idea, the curators tried to prepare an unforgettable program.

Guests could participate in the construction of a giant cardboard lighthouse “Fara-Fara” made of cardboard under the guidance of the French artist and sculptor Olivier Grotest. On our site there were culinary master classes of German, French, Spanish cuisine, games and quizzes in foreign languages.

Swiss Center Samara offered an original quest for knowledge of Switzerland, its traditions and unique contrasts. Despite the downpour, the guests of the festival were keen on the passage of tasks and the search for correct answers.

a result, of course, friendship won, and all the participants received prizes. During the day we offered a tricky quiz to passers-by, and, regardless of the answers, encouraged them by prizes. The main task was accomplished – we raised interest in Switzerland and gave bright impressions!

Dear readers, we suggest you also answer a couple of questions from the quiz to test your knowledge and draw new ones:

In Switzerland was created:

  1. The largest merengue in the world
  2. The fastest car in the world
  3. The longest sausage

In Switzerland it is forbidden:

  1. Drive without shoes
  2. Buy one guinea pig
  3. Come to the deputies to work in the armor