4 days mission to Samara, focus for automotive suppliers and subcontractors

The CCI France Russie is organizing a targeted and comprehensive program for its participants, providing them with a complete overview of the region and great opportunities to understand its advantages and attractiveness from 29th of November 2017 until 1st of December 2017.

Program of the delegation:

  • Economic and political presentation of the region prepared by the experts of the Franco-Russian center Observo
  • Appointments with local authorities: regional governors, local ministers, mayors.
  • Visit to plants and industrial zones. Meetings with top-management of major local companies
  • Individual “B2B” Business meetings
  • Networking cocktail/lunch/business dinner with local business community
  • Individual support during the  mission

Russian automobile industry in numbers

  • Russian car market growth: + 9.6% compared to 2016 (647 000 vehicles sold)
  • 420 900 vehicles produced by Avtovaz in 2017 (increase by 3.8%), representing 70% of the total production in Russia
  • Growth prospects for 2018:  9%
  • Since January 1, 2015, the Renault Nissan Avtovaz alliance has set up its own purchasing system called ARNPO (Avtovaz Renault Nissan Purchasing Organization).
  • With ARNPO Samara’s plant has a unique purchasing policy. If subcontractors can work with any other factory in the world via France it is impossible to become a supplier of Avtovaz without passing ARNPO.
  • During the delegation of the Franco-Russian CCI, the purchasing department and the technical department of Avtovaz will explain the functioning and the specificities of the ARNPO system. They will also present the group’s new projects and future launches. Participants will be provided with information about components and technologies that Russian local  suppliers are not in position to provide.
  • An opening session before the delegation at Moscow office of Franco- Russian ICC is aimed to  give a comprehensive review of the Russian political situation, economy and current state of the car market.

Participation fees

S-GE Gold Member – CHF 1’830.
GE Silver Member – CHF 2’130.
Non-member – CHF 2’330.

November 29, 2017 – Samara, Russia


Samara and Togliatti

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