If your company has been facing the following problems…

  • Lack of clear information about the Russian market and its real potential
  • Difficulty to find reliable business partners and representatives
  • No prior experience with Russia or unsuccessful attempts to enter the market
  • Trouble with customs and legal requirements to export to Russia
  • Uncertainty in terms of budget and approach to develop this market
  • Hard time understanding the Russian mentality and approach in business

… then you should definitely attend our event !

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What is the Russia Business Briefing?

A quarterly event offering dense and targeted content about the state of economy, industry and business in Russia in a format as practical and informal as possible to favor dialog.

The event is designed specifically for SME interested in exporting to Russia or strengthening their presence on this market. It addresses top management, commercial and marketing directors or regional sales managers and newcomers to the Russian market.

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Program from 11:00 to 12:30

The Russian economy in 2019

We will address questions such as what to expect then in 2019 and beyond? Which industries are thriving? What are the main trends and drivers influencing the country’s industrial development? Where are the opportunities and risks for Swiss exporters?

A closer look at specific industries

We will give you an overview as to the state of several Russian industries such as automotive, aerospace or oil & gas, highlighting how they are structured, who are the major market players and some of the latest related trends, opportunities and threats.

Doing business in Russia: overcoming cultural barriers

We all have heard many things about corruption, bureaucracy and problems related to Russia. We will share our practical experience of daily business in the country and sort out the real problems and solutions for foreign companies


A standing lunch will be served at the end of the presentation.



Nicolas Waefler

Founder & Director of Swiss Center Samara

In 2015, Nicolas Waefler left Neuchâtel to live in the Volga Region (Western Russia) and set up Swiss Center Samara: a consulting company dedicated to helping Swiss and foreign companies export and grow their business on the Russian market of B2B.

Together with his team, they have been involved in dozens of projects and experienced first-hand the facts and realities of doing business in Russia. He shares his experience about the opportunities and challenges that foreign companies face and what are the do’s and dont’s for business development in Russia with straight answers and concrete examples.

Nicolas Waefler

Practical Information


Thursday, 5th of September 2019


11:00 – 12:30


Neuchâtel, Pierre-à-Mazel 39, 4th floor




CHF 100.- for members of the CNCI or UCC

CHF 150.- for non-members



Feedbacks about the last conference

Vincent Meylan

„I participated for one of my clients in a presentation of the Swiss Center Samara’s activities and was impressed by Mr. Waefler’s deep knowledge of Russian history, economics and politics, as well as his expertise of the Russian market and this for all active segments in the country. His written segment analyzes are very detailed and offer first class information for any industrial or subcontractor wishing to start or expand its activities in the Russian market.“

Vincent Meylan / Partner, LE/AX law firm

„I participated to one of the conferences „Russia Business Briefing“ organized by Swiss Center Samara about the opportunities and challenges for SME in this market. The speaker, M. Waefler, has a very good knowledge of the Russian reality and peculiarities, not only in theory, but always giving practical examples of how everyday business is done in Russia. The event brought me a lot of value to solve the challenges we face in the country.“

Jaime Estébanez / Export Manager Europe - Middle East, Goldkenn SA

"A big THANK YOU to Swiss Center Samara - a member of our chamber – for their excellent presentation during our joint conference « Russia Business Briefing » in Neuchâtel ! I particularly enjoyed the relevance and insightfulness of the content they shared. A remarkable highlight about the Russian economy and the potential of selected industries. It was very professional ! I recommend Swiss Center Samara to any person looking for a good partner on the Russian market.".

Florian Németi / Director, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the canton of Neuchâtel