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Company overview

Samara Energo is the largest power sales company in the Middle Volga region, which supplies about 65% of the total electricity demand in the Samara region. The company, founded in 1932, currently provides 17,000 legal entities and 550,000 individuals with electricity.

The Company sells energy on retail, as well as wholesale market, and sells, installs, and repairs electric power meters of all types. It delivers electric energy to companies from oil and gas, railroad, transportation, as well as metallurgical and engineering sectors. Samara Energo OAO operates domestically through approximately 18 branches and several customer service centers located across Samara region.

Contrary to the electricity market in European countries, the Russian electricity market is fragmented and there is a clear distinction between power generation companies and electricity suppliers. Samara Energo trades electricity, provides services to and purchases electricity from power generation companies, and provides electric meters maintenance services to companies and individuals.


Samara Energo is a Public Joint Stock company, whose capital is distributed among individuals, mainly from the Directory Board of the company.

Strategic importance

The largest consumers of electricity from Samara Energo are companies of the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, metallurgical and machine-building industries, and also enterprises producing construction materials. The company employs 1099 people.


Samara Energo is the largest power sales company in the Samara region that has the status of a guaranteeing supplier, which has a positive effect on its competitiveness. However, it is not the only electricity supplier in the region.

There are three other guaranteeing suppliers in the Samara region:

  • LLC TogliattiEnergosbyt
  • OJSC Togliatti Power Sales Company
  • JSC SamaraGorEnergosbyt

There also unegulated regional energy sales companies, among which:

  • OOO Sbyt-Energo
  • OOO Tiss
  • LLC Volzhsky Energy Service
  • OOO NK-Energosbyt
  • LLC Domestic Catalyst
  • LLC Electroshield-EnergoResurs

There is a number of interregional independent companies, among which:

  • OOO RN-Energo,
  • OOO Rusenergosbyt
  • JSC SiburEnergoManagment
  • LLC MSK Energo
  • LLC IES Garant
  • LLC Lukoil-EnergoService
  • JSC Wholesale Electricity Company


Samara Region market

In 2017, the total amount of electricity sales amounted to 13,443.5 million kWh. Of these, 12,000.4 million kWh was meant for final customers and 1,443.1 million kWh was purchased by grid organizations to compensate for losses occurring in their networks.

The positive dynamics concerning the turnover and the net profit are direct results of the increase in price for households, up to 3,202 rubles per kWh (+8.7% in 2017 compared to 2016).


Samara Energo core business activities

Beside the main activity of electricity supply, which accounts for 99.99% of its revenue, Samara Energo provides a whole range of services:

  • supply (sale) of electric power according to established tariffs according to the electrical loads schedules
  • purchase of electric power from the wholesale electric power market
  • purchase of electric power from producers;
  • trade of electric power sale with energy suppliers
  • collect of funds from citizens for utility services provided
  • consulting and other services related to the sale of energy to companies
  • sale, installation and repair of electric power meters of all types
  • thermic audit

Modernization plans

Samara Energo established a strategy with key objectives for 2018, which are related to the modernization and optimization of the company’s assets and activities.

  • increase of the company’s assets aimed at improving the electricity supply efficiency
  • creation and development of its own system to record households’ electricity consumption
  • development of non-core activities
  • Overall, the company’s runs a trading activity that depends on the network and its expansion, which is managed by other organizations in charge of power generation and transmission.

Sales information

The specificity of Samara Energo, whose capital is private and distributed among individuals, is that it operates only locally in the Volga Region. Being the regional leader of electricity sales, the company is the reference and enjoys a good reputation.

As electricity trading requires high performance hardware and virtualization software to manage the telecommunication infrastructure on which Samara Energo relies, engaging in commercial relation with this company induces being present in the region and doing a constant follow-up of the company’s evolution. In order to supply the company with industrial IT solutions or to provide industrial services, the key is to have a representative locally to gain trust and build a strategic partnership with Samara Energo.