A region with huge potential.

Before the 2014 crisis, most of the regional economic indicators showed better performances than the federal average, Samara was set to become one of the most dynamic regions of Russia. Nowadays, Samara is among the 10 most dynamic regions in terms of economic development, investment climate and industrial activity.

… which takes time to realize! Despite its potential, Samara is not developing as fast as other regions such as Kazan or Belgorod. The indicators collapsed amidst the federal crisis but are also due to the lack of initiative of the former Governor, who left the region with systemic issues.

Economy is improving.

Despite the persistence of negative external economic factors (interstate sanctions regime, relatively low oil prices, risks of volatility in global financial markets), we witness an economic recovery in the region’s economy thanks to a progressive adaptation to these external challenges.

Table of content

Economic Situation
  • Population
  • Government policies
  • Foreign Trade
  • Overview
  • Automotive cluster
  • Aerospace cluster
  • Oil & Gaz
  • Petrochemicals / Chemicals
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Agriculture & Food-industry
  • Industrial equipment (metal-processing)
  • Medtech & Pharma
  • Others
Science & Innovation
  • Samara Aerospace University
  • Samara Economic University
  • Samara University of Medicine
  • Samara Technical University
  • Togliatti Technical University
  • Selection of Samara start-ups
Forecast & Opportunities
  • The Expert Opinion
  • Business opportunities for foreign businesses
  • Listing of Samara-based automotive component manufacturers
  • Events and communities

Rising investments in transportation infrastructure.

Thanks to its Host City status for the football World Cup 2018, the city and the region of Samara received unparalleled subsidies to modernize its infrastructure — a brand new airport, new stadium, new roads, numerous initiatives emerged and the region is drastically changing.

Industry and FDI are key priorities.

Samara is the 10th region in terms of FDI volumes, there are several new projects but not much in comparison with the plethora of parks, incubators and government incentives.

Samara is the 10th region in terms of FDI volumes.

The newly appointed Governor Dimitry Azarov raises hopes for better investment dynamics, with a strong focus on industrial developments and international cooperation.

New generation of space crafts.

Samara sent the first man to space, it produces rockets and satellites from scratch and trains some of Russia’s best engineers. This being said, the region is now in charge of producing the Soyuz 5 and Angara rockets with brand new production lines and positions itself as the federal aerospace hub.

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