Market entry through a distributor

A fair amount of European companies still works through distributors on the Russian market. Provided that you find a good partner, it is a very effective market entry approach as it simplifies drastically marketing, sales and import activities and comes without fixed costs.

The downsides of this approach are the absence of market understanding or relationships with the end-users and a complete opacity in terms of margins and prices. An alternative is to work with an agent or your own sales manager.

A few issues you might face:

  • Without a systematic search in Russian and in targeted sources, you are going to miss out on potential partners
  • It is not always easy to understand their core activity and market coverage
  • Some of them may have your competitors’ products in their portfolio
  • A fair amount does not answer to emails and solicitations from unknown companies
  • Identifying decision-makers takes time and they often do not speak English
  • Good partners are hard to find and verifying their solvability and reputation can bring surprises

Our 3-steps approach

1-Partners Shortlisting

Based on the profiles you are looking for, we analyze the market in the  Russian language at three levels (internet, specialized resources, expert network) and shortlist the maximum of suitable potential partners. The list comes with the following information: name, website, short activity description, market coverage, product portfolio, location and contact info.

2-Confirmation of interest

We identify the decision-makers within the selected potential companies. We then reach out to discuss your business proposal and confirm their interest to consider becoming your distributor. All useful feedbacks and contact info are reported to you and after a quick background check (solvency and reputation), you are introduced to the partners with a confirmed interest.

3-Meeting & Follow-up

If needed, we organize a meeting in Russia to introduce you and assist in the first discussions with your potential partners, including logistics, documentation and translation during your business trip to Russia.

Advantages of this approach

  • A systematic search allows to evaluate all potential partners and avoid bad surprises
  • Approaching partners locally dramatically increases your chances of success
  • Save time and meet only the partners with a confirmed interest
  • Relying on our local team guarantees great market proximity and reactivity

For quotes and questions, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.

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Nicolas Waefler Director Swiss Center Samara

Nicolas Waefler
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Max Bosset, CEO at SAV-IOL SA

"We tried to enter the Russian market by ourselves, without any success. In less than 3 months, Swiss Center Samara proposed a dozen of potential distributors, organized a stand and a series of B2B meetings at a specialized medical exhibition in Moscow. We came back to Switzerland with a distribution contract and our products are now available everywhere in Russia"

Max Boysset / CEO, SAV-IOL SA
bertrand späth feedback

"Russia represents great opportunities for our business, but also great challenges. Swiss Center Samara understands those challenges and supported us in finding pragmatic and rapid solutions. Thanks to their local network, we could quickly establish relationships that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Their guidance before, during and after the business trip was very professional and very useful to make the most of our time there."

Bertrand Spaeth / Co-Founder, Kizy Tracking SA

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